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3 Gordon Ramsay-style Quotes for Your Payday Lender

Gordon Ramsay and a payday lender have one thing in common: ruthlessness. Whereas Gordon spews charcoal-hot remarks towards kitchen aspirants, your payday lender might call you relentlessly about your loan obligation. If your payday lender is giving you hard time, take a deep breath, smile a little, and imagine some Gordon Ramsay-style quotes that can match the qualities of the said lender.


“Your Payday Lender is So Salty He’s Almost like Caviar”



Good for: Payday lenders with attitude


Not all payday lenders have bad attitudes, yet not all of them are made from heaven either. A licensed moneylender singapore is said to have a bad attitude if he doesn’t give you a large breathing room for your loan. The lender acts like a sentinel watching over your actions and almost doubting your capability to repay. Avoid such lender if you don’t want to be frustrated.


“Your Payday Lender Stings Your Eyes As If He’s an Onion”


Good for: Payday lenders you want to see


If you missed out a payment, your payday loan will expand with interest and additional penalties. In this situation, you’d never want to encounter your lender on the road. So, if you’re under a payday loan application, avoid missing a payment. Your payday lender will appreciate it and awkward situations can be avoided.


“Your Payday Lender Clucks Like a Chicken About to Be Butchered”


Good for: Payday lenders who can’t give you peace

Moneylenders in Singapore will do everything to get their money back. Most of them will send collection agents after you, while others might leave some unnecessary remarks. In this way, payday lenders can disrupt the peace. If you don’t want your ‘peace bubble’ burst, make sure that you’re ready for the payday loan obligation. Adjust your monthly budget so you don’t have to worry about repayment. If there’s a better loan option out there, just go for it.


While it’s fun to think about such quotes in the legendary style of Gordon Ramsay, you should ponder about the qualities of your payday lender. Remember, payday lenders are always persistent in getting what’s owed because their loans are unsecured. But you should always have some limits that mustn’t be crossed.

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