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3 Gordon Ramsay-style Quotes for Your Payday Lender

June 27, 2017

Gordon Ramsay and a payday lender have one thing in common: ruthlessness. Whereas Gordon spews charcoal-hot remarks towards kitchen aspirants, your payday lender might call you relentlessly about your loan obligation. If your payday lender is giving you hard time, take a deep breath, smile a little, and imagine some Gordon Ramsay-style quotes that can match the qualities of the said lender.


“Your Payday Lender is So Salty He’s Almost like Caviar”



Good for: Payday lenders with attitude


Not all payday lenders have bad attitudes, yet not all of them are made from heaven either. A licensed moneylender singapore is said to have a bad attitude if he doesn’t give you a large breathing room for your loan. The lender acts like a sentinel watching over your actions and almost doubting your capability to repay. Avoid such lender if you don’t want to be frustrated.


“Your Payday Lender Stings Your Eyes As If He’s an Onion”


Good for: Payday lenders you want to see


If you missed out a payment, your payday loan will expand with interest and additional penalties. In this situation, you’d never want to encounter your lender on the road. So, if you’re under a payday loan application, avoid missing a payment. Your payday lender will appreciate it and awkward situations can be avoided.


“Your Payday Lender Clucks Like a Chicken About to Be Butchered”


Good for: Payday lenders who can’t give you peace

Moneylenders in Singapore will do everything to get their money back. Most of them will send collection agents after you, while others might leave some unnecessary remarks. In this way, payday lenders can disrupt the peace. If you don’t want your ‘peace bubble’ burst, make sure that you’re ready for the payday loan obligation. Adjust your monthly budget so you don’t have to worry about repayment. If there’s a better loan option out there, just go for it.


While it’s fun to think about such quotes in the legendary style of Gordon Ramsay, you should ponder about the qualities of your payday lender. Remember, payday lenders are always persistent in getting what’s owed because their loans are unsecured. But you should always have some limits that mustn’t be crossed.

3 Common Practices of Payday Loan Borrowers

April 27, 2017

Borrowing a payday loan is like holding a double-edged sword – you can get hurt at both sides. For many people, payday loans are like blessings in dark times. For many others, they are curses that must be avoided. The benefits of payday loans are easy application and leniency. Yet, you shouldn’t miss a payment because you’d suffer from high interest and obscene penalty fees.


Based on many studies, the common practices of payday loan borrowers can affect how payday loans turn out. If you’re always trapped by payday loans, maybe you need to improve your borrowing habits. Use this checklist to see if you have any of the common practices of payday loan borrowers:


Loan Cycling


Loan cycling is the process of using one loan to pay off another. While some borrowers are good at this, others are mere victims. In a financial sense, loan cycling is not advisable because it weakens your financial mileage. The temporary relief brought by a repaid loan is nullified that you have another debt in its place. A better strategy is to consolidate all debts. This process allows you to combine all debts into one so that you only have to repay a large premium. However, not all lenders are open for debt consolidation.


Foregoing Repayments


Another common practice is foregoing repayments. A borrower may forego repayment and rationalize that he’d get higher income to cover penalties. This is a terribly wrong mindset that can send your finances spiraling towards debt. Once you have a payday loan obligation, do your best to repay it as fast as possible.


Lack of Proper Research


Due to financial situations, many borrowers forget about the importance of research. They jump at the first lender referred to them. Without research, you’d be forced to bite the terms offered by a greedy lender. This can lead you to a miserable financial state. To avoid this, spend time researching about payday lenders. It won’t take an hour to come up with a list.


The choices we make prior to borrowing can totally affect our financial direction. So, you need to make the right choice from the beginning. Otherwise, you’d regret borrowing all types of loans.

3 Best Loans for Small Families

March 27, 2017

All families encounter financial troubles every now and then. Yet, smaller families have fewer troubles because of lower monthly upkeep – though this is not the case often. In case of financial emergencies, small families can always rely on selected loans. However, not all loans will work for any small family.


If you’re looking for the best loan option for your family, here are some suggestions:


Home Loans


Home loans are great options if you want to partake in a home renovation project. However, home loans are not limited to that. You can use a home loan for any purpose you want. It’s also a common trend for home loan lenders to allow refinancing options. Through refinancing, you can get an extended loan with higher amount and slightly longer repayment term. Home loans are good for small to moderately-sized families.


Personal Loans


Personal loans are classic; they’ve been around for many years, and were systematically improved based on the demands of people. Banks are the popular issuers of personal loans, but online lenders are also great sources. With the leverage of online lenders, you don’t need to visit the lending office. You can just send a loan application in just minutes. Moreover, you can send multiple applications across different websites in one sitting. Now, that’s convenience! Before taking out a personal loan, you should know the options available for you. Some lenders offer discounts for borrowers with families. Others may have better interest rates and fees.


Student Loans


If one or more of your kids are currently studying, you can benefit from a student loan. Banks and financial organizations are the typical issuers of student loans, and they always have competitive offers. Just remember that student loans may stretch for years – depending on the amount. Pick the best loan option that won’t compromise your finances. Some student loans may also have scaling interest rates so you have to adjust.


Now that hundreds of lenders are competing in the lending arena, you can never run out of sources. It’s suffice to say that getting a loan today is easy. However, repayment can still be a problem if you don’t have good financial discipline.

3 Advantages of Having a Credit Card

February 27, 2017

Credit cards are tiny little plastic pieces that control a large percentage of the world. Thousands of people rely on credit cards for their purchases, and most of them are unaware of such dependency. If you have a great level of financial discipline, your credit card can be a wonderful tool. There are many advantages in using it, as well as some disadvantages.


Learning about the advantages of a ocbc credit card will improve your financial awareness. These are the following advantages that you should know:


Cash Alternative


A credit card is a great alternative for your cash. Many establishments now accept credit payments, but not all. If for some reason you forgot your cash or wallet, your credit card can save you from embarrassing situations. Using credit card as an alternative will also help you save time.


Easy Purchase


Credit cards are built for lazy people or those who want convenience on top of everything. Wouldn’t it be appealing to purchase stuff with just one swipe of a credit card? One swipe after another leads to additional purchases – until your balance explodes right on your face. With such convenience, you must match it with glaring discipline. As much as possible, you should monitor all of your credit purchasing habits. Always check your credit card balance so you know how to adjust accordingly.


Better Spending Options


Aside from time-saving capability, a credit card will also give way to different spending options. Many companies prioritize people with credit cards because of percentages and additional profits. More importantly, the psychological effect of a credit card is so strong that it can bind you for the coming years. Just check the statistics of people who were enslaved by credit cards. Some of the best spending options that you’d encounter are rebates, savings, and the occasional freebies. Truly, we live in a world fueled by consumerism.


Once you have a credit card, you must be careful. A wrong move can send your financial state spiraling towards uncertain doom. Many credit card owners were trapped in debt cycles because they spent their credit uncontrollably. Avoid the same fate and choose to become a responsible credit card owner instead.

3 Interesting Ideas to Maximize Your Salary Loan

January 27, 2017

Salary loans are considered some of the advantages of being an employee. Once you’ve spent more than three months in your company, some lenders will allow you to get salary loans. They are somehow similar to fast cash loans, but they’re a bit ‘niched down.’ Nowadays, getting a salary loan is easy. You just need to fill up an application form and submit the proper requirements. However, maximizing your salary loan is a different case.


Do you want to get high returns for your regular salary loan? Check these interesting ideas.


Get an Office Side Hustle


Being a hustler is many times better than being an employee, but you can actually be both. If you’re creative, you can use the office as grounds for your side hustling journey. There are tons of side hustles possible. You can try baking some goodies and sell them to your colleagues. Novelty items can be sold too, as well as clothing and accessories. You’re only limited by your imagination and the amount of your startup capital.


Find Assets


To have a better life, you need to find assets. The earlier you start, the greater your shot for prosperity will be. Before you purchase the first asset that you’d see, hold back. Keep in mind that assets won’t give you immediate profits. It’ll take time before your assets can generate income. But still, you’ll have a nest egg for the coming months or years. Do your research first so that your salary loan won’t be wasted in low-value assets.


Invest in Yourself


Investing in yourself is the best thing that you can do. Instead of buying fancy stuff and going to parties, you should buy books and courses that can improve your skills. It’s not bad to have fun every now and then, but you have to keep things under a tight leash. Think of your future. Turn your salary loan into one of the most useful instruments for self-improvement.


If you cannot maximize your loan, it will fade out quickly. Maximizing it is a responsibility that you shouldn’t ignore. Think of yourself as an investor, rather than a simple borrower. This will change your mind set over a simple salary loan.